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Customer Testimonials

"Do you wish you could determine what you can do to increase the value of your home? Well, after Robin appraised my home I was able to do just that. By comparing my home with others in the neighborhood I avoided making costly mistakes!

-Jeremy J.,
Private Homeowner

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Silver Appraisal - $call

BETTER THAN A BPO OR CMA, the Silver Appraisal is the fastest way to value a home and determine a fair market value. Peak Appraisals will submit a Desktop Appraisal Report to you. These appraisals are completed without seeing the subject and use country records / 3rd party resources to determine the value. This package is usually completed the same day.

1. Hypothetical value of home
2. Complete Desktop Appraisal Report
3. Fair Market Value determination of home based on available records

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Gold Appraisal - $call

BEST VALUE - the Gold Appraisal is the best value you can get for your money. We will do a visual inspection of the home with you during your intial meeting with the homeowner and submit a detailed appraisal report to you. Full analysis of property, however, we rely on county records for homes square footage. Typically completed within 2 days.

1. Complete visual walkthrough
2. Detailed Appraisal Report
3. Home's square footage provided by country record

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Platinum Appraisal - $call

MOST ACCURATE VALUE - If the Silver & Gold appraisals are just not enough we will complete a Full Appraisal with a detailed inspection of the property. This includes a measurement for square footage. This ensures you are getting the most accurate value of the home. Complete detailed appraisal report submitted to you. Typically Delivery 4 days.

1. Complete Analysis and Inspection
2. Full Appraisal Report submitted
3. Limited 3rd Party resources utilized to complete report.

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If you are still looking for more, contact us about our DIAMOND APPRAISAL which will also value "What If" scenarios such as, "What if we finished the basement?" or "What if we refinished the kitchen and added a bathroom?".

Call Today - 720.217.7084

Realtors - Pre-Listing or Pre-Sale Appraisals will increase your ROI

STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD! I think we can both agree that Realtors these days are a Dime a Dozen, which means that competition for a listing can be fierce. Peak Appraisals would like to help you Stand Out from the others by offering your prospective clients a Pre-Listing Appraisal to help them determine the proper price to list their home. We do not want you to think we believe you are not competent to value a home. You Are. However, appraisers are independent, unbiased, and objective in valuing a home. Furthermore, we have been trained in the Art of Appraising and can see potential scenarios where a home can be valued at a better price. But, lets get back to how an appraisal makes you stand out.
  • Hiring Peak Appraisals makes you look good to the client because you go the extra mile
  • Hiring Peak Appraisals gives you more bargaining power when an offer comes in. Less Negotiating.
  • Hiring Peak Appraisals ensures the home is Priced Fairly. This may shorten the Time to Sale & increase the Final Sales Value.
  • Hiring Peak Appraisals can save you money by valuing a home correctly and getting more eyes on your listing.
  • Hiring Peak Appraisals will improve your business and help spread the word that "YOU, Are the Realtor to Hire!"
  • Hiring Peak Appraisals is not a Marketing Cost, but rather it is an INVESTMENT in maximizing your home's value.
But that is not all, keep reading to learn about Case Studies and additional reasons to receive a Pre - Listing Appraisal.

In today's tough Real Estate times, a pre-listing appraisal should be just as important as getting pre-qualified for a loan. This should be the first thing a Realtor / homeowner should do before listing their home on the market. In recent years home values have declined significantly making it very difficult to decide what the proper price is to list and sell a home quickly. So it is very important to price your property with a fair market value of what your home is worth. It is no secret, buyers do their homework and know when a home is priced higher than its market value and this could withhold them from making an offer. In this buyers market, and in these times, you will not list your home if it is overpriced. The timeframe to market the home and catch someones eye decreases after the home has been on the market for a significant period of time. Valuing the home correctly will ensure the maximum opportunity to catch a buyers attention quickly. On the flipside, if you undervalue the home you do not want to leave money on the table. Peak Appraisals provides pre-listing services to some of the most prominent Realtors in the Denver Market. We have helped them shorten the time the home is on the market while maximizing the homes final sale value.

Case Study 1 - The RIGHT Price Sells The Home Quickly

Recently we were approached by a Realtor who was attempting to list a multi-million dollar home. The homeowner believed the value to be near the home's peak value in 2007, while the Realtor was trying to explain that the home had decreased in value over the past few years. In an effort to save face and not insult the homeowner, Peak Appraisals was brought in to provide an independent, fair market value prior to it being listed. What the Realtor had expected was found true. The home had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent years, and as bitter of a pill it was to swallow for the homeowner, they chose to continue with the listing. Because the home was valued at the RIGHT price the homeowner received an offer almost immediately, for full value. Both the homeowner and the Realtor were elated. For the homeowner, he was able to maximize profits on the home and sell quickly. For the Realtor, they were able to reduce costs and efforts attempting to market the home and they too were able to maximize profits. Everyone was satisfied.

... But not all cases end so well. Consider this:

Case Study 2 - The Determined Homeowner

Similar to scenario 1, we received a call from another Realtor to appraise another multi-million dollar home. The homeowner was adamant that his home was worth a specific price and would not accept a dollar less than this price. The Realtor feeling stuck, but not wanting to miss this opportunity, called Peak Appraisals. After a complete review of the property it was determined that this home had lost value and was not going to receive an arms legnth transaction if priced at the homeowners chosen price. After careful consideration the homeowner and Realtor decided "now" was not the best time to list the home and would wait for the market to begin to recover. While this scenario did not make thousands of dollars for the Realtor or homeowner both parties agreed that if they had not gotten the property appraisal they would have wasted months of time and thousands of dollars marketing the home before determining that it was overpriced. Additionally, the homeowner was impressed that the Realtor had gone the extra mile in helping him value his home he agreed that he would use that Realtor when the time was right. This was a Win-Win for all.

....But not all homes are losing value ... Consider this:

Case Study 3 - *HELP* I Just Can't Figure This One Out.

We received a call from a Realtor who was trying to determine a CMA on a multi-million dollar listing, but this one was tricky. Recent sales were all over the place and determining exactly which homes to compare the subject to was nearly impossible. To make sure they were not making a mistake, they called Peak Appraisals to value the home. After completing an appraisal of the property, Peak Appraisals determined a market value that was much higher than expected. In this case, thousands were made simply because they did not undervalue the property.

...Think Pre - Listing Appraisals are just for the rich? Think Again:

Case Study 4 - It's Not Just Multi-Million Dollar Homes That Need A Pre-Listing Appraisal

Some of the most hard to determine fair market value properties are the $300K - $800K price range. With foreclosures, short sales, and people dumping homes quickly; values can be extremely hard to determine. Peak Appraisals has worked with Realtors to define the RIGHT market value for many homes in these price ranges saving both the homeowner and the Realtor in the process.

We could go on and on with Case Studies that prove our point. However, we suggest to try Peak Appraisals for yourself to begin writing your own Success Stories and see how Peak Appraisals can partner with you to increase your ROI and Maximize Profits. Think you cannot afford an appraisal? Think Again, with appraisals starting as low as $150 this is one investment that you cannot afford to miss. Call us today to learn more.

Pre-Listing Decisions - Should I Update My Home Before Selling?

Before someone decides to sell a home, there are several decisions to be made. First and foremost: ''How much should it sell for?'' However, there may be additional equally important questions to ask: ''Would it be better to paint the entire house first?'' ''Should I put in that third bathroom?'' ''Should I complete my kitchen remodel?'' Many improvements we do to our houses have a direct effect on their value. Unfortunately, not all of them have are equal. While a kitchen remodel may improve the appeal of a home, it may also provide enough to justify the expense. Comparably, finishing the basement may not provide enough return on investment to justify the finish before listing.

Peak Appraisals can help make these decisions. What makes an appraiser unique is that they have no vested interest in what amount the house sells for. Our fee is based on our efforts, not a percentage of the sales price. So seeking a professional appraisal can often help Realtors / homeowners make the best decisions on investing in their homes and setting a fair sales price.

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