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Customer Testimonials

"A honest and very professional appraiser. Peak Appraisals is always who I turn to when I need an appraisal quickly, and pricing is always very competitive.

-Courtney C.,
Independant Processor

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Services and Fees

Fee Schedule 01-01-2019

brief description
fee **
  1004/1073   Single family dwelling or Condominium
  2055/2065   Interior / Exterior inspection only
  2070/2075   No Value Inspection Report Interior / Exterior
    2-4 Unit Multi Dwelling
 Douglas / Denver Counties   Full Tax Protest Preperation
 Douglas / Denver Counties   Comparable Tax Protest Preperation
  Desktop Appraisal   Full Appraisal w/o inspection. Based on County records
  FHA 1004/1073   1004/1073 meeting FHA requirements (including 1004MC)
  FHA 1025   1035 meeting FHA requirements (including 1004MC)
  FHA 2055   Exterior Only
  FHA 2075   Exterior Only
  REO 1004/1073   REO Single Family Dwelling or Condominium
  Complex Appraisals   Determined at the time of ordering (Sq Ft or Area)
  Retype of Appraisal  
  Final Inspection  
  1007 Rental Survey   Rent Schedule
  216 Income Statement   Operating Income Statement
  Desktop Appraisal   Full Appraisal w/o inspection. Based on County records
  Trip Fee Provide Photos  
  1004 MC Form   Not Normally Required
  Expert Witness Testimony*  
$150.00 / Hr. (4hr Min)
  Appraisal Consulting*  
$75.00 / Hr (4 Hr. Min)
  2000 Field Review   Field Review of Appraisal
  2006/RARS Desktop Review   Desktop Review of Appraisal
  Administrative Review  Oral Report
  Technical Review  Oral Report
  * A retainer of 50% will be held for all Expert Witness Testimony / Consulting Services.
  ** All fees are subject to change at any time - COD Discount available upon request.


   Payment Options

Payments can be Invoiced or Paid C.O.D.

For your convenience we accept all major credit cards.  All credit card payments are paid through PayPal. 

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All Staff appraisers are licensed by the State of Colorado Board of Real Estate and are current with all applicable educational requirements.  As a courtesy to our clients we conveniently include a copy of our licenses with every appraisal. For more information contact us at 720.217.7084 

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