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"A honest and very professional appraiser. Peak Appraisals is always who I turn to when I need an appraisal quickly, and pricing is always very competitive.

-Courtney C.,
Independant Processor

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Bronze Appraisal

In most cases, providing the state with comparable sales, contained by the timeframe of assessment, is all the state will need. The Peak Appraisals Bronze Appraisal will accurately analyze the explicit time period, select the appropriate comparables, and submit to you the top comps to be included in your tax appeal documentation. This package is used in most tax appeals and is completed within 2 business days.

1. Analysis of Tax Appeal Period
2. Preperation of Tax Appeal Documentation
3. Homeowner responsible for submission

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Silver Appraisal

In very limited cases, the state will need a more thorough appraisal report. In this instance, the Silver Appraisal will be used to provide an appraisal based off the state and county records of your home. Peak Appraisals will submit a detailed appraisal report to you to be included with your tax appeal. This package is used in more complex Tax Protest scenarios and is not always necessary.

1. Analysis of State Records of home
2. Detailed Appraisal Report submitted to homeowner
3. Homeowner responsible for submission

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Real Property Tax Protest & Appeal - Douglas County | Denver County | Jefferson County

Peak Appraisals provides expert appraisals followed up with a professional consultation to help you determine the best course of action for your current Property Taxes.  The state of Colorado offers a limited window to protest your property taxes. (Typically May 1 - May 30) We can help you to prepare your documentation for submission to your county. We currently provide these tax appraisal services in the counties of Douglas County, CO, Denver County, CO, and Jefferson County, CO. Contact Us today to learn how we can simplify the process and assist you with your Tax Documentation. 720-217-7084

  • Comparable Sales Tax Protest - Peak Appraisals will pull all documentation for the subject property during the timeframes outlined by your county. Client is responsible for completing Paper forms or Online forms necessary in your county.
  • Desktop Appraisal - In very limited cases is an appraisal necessary to protest your taxes; however, in that rare case Peak Appraisals offers a limited appraisal, Desktop Appraisal, that will qualify to meet your needs while keeping costs reduced to the homeowner.

Please complete the following order form to begin the process. Click Here: Tax Protest Order Form Don't Wait! The county only offers a very small window to file your Tax Protest.

What Is A Tax Protest?

A protest is an opportunity to prove that your property's estimated value is either inaccurate or unfair through the Assessor's Office. The Assessor provides several options to appeal property value, but a Protest generally is filed from May 1 to June 1 each year. Reasons for a protest might include: Items that affect value are incorrect on your property record. You have an unfinished basement, not finished. You have a carport, not a garage. Your home has 1,600, not 2,000 square feet. The estimated market value is too high. You have evidence that similar properties have sold for less than the estimated market value of your property. If the assessor's record of acreage or square footage of land is incorrect, a protest should be filed.

Step-By-Step Protest Procedures (Do It Yourself)

Prepare. Find your property identification number on your assessment notice. Use this number to view or obtain a copy of your property record from the Assessor's Office. Review the facts on the property record. Is the architectural style correctly stated? If not a recent photo of your home will help correct the information. Check the living area of your home, the size of your lot, the presence or absence of a garage or finished basement, the construction materials, the condition and so on. Gather as much information as you can on similar properties in your neighborhood. A search of verified sales by subject property during the study period is available online. Or ask a real estate appraiser for sales prices on these properties during the study period. You may also review the entire sales database on your assessor's website. Use the addresses of comparable properties to review their property record forms, which will include actual values. Compare the features of these properties to the features of yours. If there are differences, the values of the properties may be different.

Links To Your County Assessor

To learn more about the specific requirements for filing a Tax Appeal in your county visit the appropriate website below.

Douglas County Assessor

Denver County Assessor

Jefferson County Assessor

Tax Appeal Order Form

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